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Tomczyk M. Shapes, Sizes and More Surprises

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Tomczyk M. Shapes, Sizes and More Surprises
Vermont: Williamson, 1996. — 146 p.
Wouldn't it be fun to go on an exciting adventure with lots of surprises? That's what learning is — an exciting adventure that never ends! Along the way, you'll discover things you know, and things you don't. And if you make some mistakes along the way, that's good: that's part of learning, too. Best of all, when
you learn something new, it's like finding a little treasure: you can keep what you've learned forever!
This book is full of fun things for you to do. There are counting games, art projects, alphabet activities, things to sort and compare, color walks, stories to tell, water play, and even painting with pudding.
Most of the activities you can do by yourself, some will required a grown-up partner, and some are games to play with a friend. Remember always to ask for help if you need it: that's one way we learn!
And, don't forget: safety first!
Lots of wonderful experiences are waiting for you in the pages of this book. Are you ready to begin the adventure?
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