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Byoungho Jin, Elena Cedrola (eds.) Product Innovation in the Global Fashion Industry

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Byoungho Jin, Elena Cedrola (eds.) Product Innovation in the Global Fashion Industry
Palgrave Macmillan US, 2018. - 158 p. - ISBN: 978-1-137-52348-8, 978-1-137-52349-5
As an initial attempt to understand innovation in fashion, this volume focuses on product innovations, realizing that this industry is truly an innovative sector in which diverse technologies, science, art, and tradition have been merged, synthesized, and utilized to solve the needs and concerns of the end-users. In doing so, this book categorizes product innovation into three levels—materials, style and product development—and aims to present the broader scope of innovation in the global fashion industry with the hope that other sectors can learn from these developments and be inspired.
Table of contents :
Front Matter ...Pages i-xix
Product Innovation: Core to Continued Success (Byoungho Jin, Elena Cedrola)...Pages 1-33
Stone Island: Product Innovation and Market Positioning as Drivers of Value Creation (Fabrizio Mosca)...Pages 35-56
The Geox: The Shoe that Breathes (Francesca Checchinato, Tiziano Vescovi)...Pages 57-77
Nike: An Innovation Journey (Michelle Childs, Byoungho Jin)...Pages 79-111
Repetto, a Paris-Based Craft Enterprise Growing into a Global Brand: Design-Driven Innovation and Meaning Strategy (Stefania Masè, Geneviève Cohen-Cheminet)...Pages 113-142
Back Matter ...Pages 143-145
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