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Lin Edward, Gaur Atul, Jones Michael, Ahmed Aamer (eds.) Sonoanatomy for Anaesthetists

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Lin Edward, Gaur Atul, Jones Michael, Ahmed Aamer (eds.) Sonoanatomy for Anaesthetists
Cambridge University Press, 2012. — 142 p. — ISBN: 9780521106665
The accuracy with which clinicians can locate nerves and blood vessels has increased greatly with the development of portable handheld ultrasound scanners, and no specialty has felt the benefit more than anesthesia. This practical atlas of ultrasound anatomy addresses the two main challenges for anyone learning ultrasound-guided techniques: 1. Where do I place the probe? 2. What exactly am I looking at? Each nerve block or vascular access site is illustrated with: • an anatomical line illustration • a clinical photograph showing the correct ultrasound probe position • the ultrasound scan • a line illustration of the scan labelled to indicate the salient anatomical features All relevant anatomic regions are included: upper limb, lower limb, neck, thorax and abdomen. Concise notes for each entry indicate scan landmarks and give useful tips and advice on potential complications. Sonoanatomy for Anesthetists is an essential resource for anesthetists, intensivists and chronic pain specialists.
Upper Limb:
Suprascapular nerve
Supraclavicular brachial plexus
Interscalene brachial plexus
Infraclavicular brachial plexus
Axillary brachial plexus
Radial nerve in upper arm
Medial cutaneous nerve of the forearm
Lateral cutaneous nerve of the forearm
Median nerve in the cubital fossa
Median nerve in the forearm
Ulnar nerve in the forearm
Radial nerve in the forearm
Median nerve at the wrist
Ulnar nerve at the wrist
Lower Limb:
Femoral nerve
Lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh
Obturator nerve
Sciatic nerve at the gluteal fold
Sciatic nerve in the popliteal fossa
Posterior cutaneous nerve of the thigh
Common peroneal nerve
Saphenous nerve in the lower leg
Sural nerve in the calf
Posterior tibial nerve in the lower leg
Deep peroneal nerve
Superficial peroneal nerve
Saphenous nerve in the thigh
Sural nerve in the lower leg
Posterior tibial nerve at the ankle
Sural nerve at the ankle
Sonoanatomy of the lumbar spine
Lumbar plexus
Sonoanatomy of the thoracic spine
The thoracic paravertebral
Sonoanatomy of the cervical spine
Medial branch of the posterior primary ramus
Sonoanatomy of the sacrum
Ultrasound in the caudal epidural
Greater occipital nerve
Greater auricular nerve
Superficial cervical plexus
Deep cervical plexus
Stellate ganglion
Subcostal TAP
Lower TAP
Ilioinguinal nerve
Rectus sheath
Vascular Access:
Femoral vein
Radial artery
Subclavin vein
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