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Taylor M. (ed.) Handbook of the Development of Imagination

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Taylor M. (ed.) Handbook of the Development of Imagination
Oxford University Press, 2013. — 608 p. — (Oxford Library of Psychology).
Transcending Time, Place, and/or Circumstance: An Introduction
Historical Overview of Research on Imagination in Children
Fairy Tales, History, and Religion
Magical Thinking
Beliefs in Magical Beings and Cultural Myths
Distinguishing Imagination from Reality
Children’s Source Monitoring of Memories for Imagination
Suggestibility and Imagination in Early Childhood
Child Witnesses and Imagination: Lying, Hypothetical Reasoning, and Referential Ambiguity
Fictional Worlds, the Neuroscience of the Imagination, and Childhood Education
Executive Function, Pretend Play, and Imagination
The Distinction between Role-Play and Object Substitution in Pretend Play
How Do Children Represent Pretend Play?
Culture, Narrative, and Imagination
Flux and Flow in Children’s Narratives
Pretend Play as Culturally Constructed Activity
Imaginary Relationships
Imagining Other Minds: Anthropomorphism Is Hair-Triggered but Not Hare-Brained
Imagination and the Self
Future Thinking in Young Children
Counterfactuals and Reality
Causality and Imagination
What Children Understand About the Flow of Mental Life
Imagination and Personal Creativity
Individual Differences in the Development of Social Creativity
The Relationship Between Pretend Play and Creativity
The Creation of Imaginary Worlds
The Influence ofTelevision, Video Games, and the Internet on Children’s Creativity
On the Evolution of Imagination and Design
The Comparative Study of Imagination
Imagination and Dissociation Across the Life Span
The Development ofImagination in Children with Autism
The Role of Pretend Play in Child Psychotherapy
Imagination-Based Interventions with Children
Telling Stories: Accessing Narrative Imagination for Use in Assessment with Clinical and Typical Populations
Imagination and Coping with Chronic Illness
Looking Ahead: Some Thoughts About Future Directions
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