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Language\30. Italian Crash Course. Phrase Dictionary and Study Guide

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Language\30. Italian Crash Course. Phrase Dictionary and Study Guide
Edited and produced by Paola Antonelli Abbott, Ph. D. and Annie Scarborough. — Language\30, 2013. — 66 p. — ISBN-10 1931850415.
Level: Beginner
The Original 30-Minute Crash Course!
Speak Italian in just one short week! LANGUAGE/30 zeroes in on the most essential phrases for day-to-day communication. Whether you are a vacationer, a business traveler, a student, or just need a refresher course, you’ll learn what you need to know in just three 30-minute sessions a day.
Developed for U.S. Government personnel, this accelerated learning method will have you conversing after just a few easy 30-minute lessons! These widely acclaimed courses have yielded proven results for over 60 years.
Introduction by World-Famous Linguist - Charles Berlitz.
Includes greetings, personal needs, transportation, business, health and emergency terms, and more!
Covers grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.
Digitally remastered, revised, and updated.
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