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Liu Helei. Post-combustion CO2 Capture Technology: By Using the Amine Based Solvents

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Liu Helei. Post-combustion CO2 Capture Technology: By Using the Amine Based Solvents
Springer, 2018. — 55 p. — (SpringerBriefs in Petroleum Geoscience & Engineering). — ISBN 9783030009212, ASIN 3030009211.
This book presents a comprehensive review of the latest information on all aspects of the post-combustion carbon capture process. It provides designers and operators of amine solvent-based CO2 capture plants with an in-depth understanding of the most up-to-date fundamental chemistry and physics of the CO2 absorption technologies using amine-based reactive solvents. Topics covered include the physical properties, chemical analysis, reaction kinetics, CO2 solubility, and innovative configurations of absorption and stripping columns as well as information on technology applications. This book also examines the post-build operational issues of corrosion prevention and control, solvent management, solvent stability, solvent recycling and reclaiming, intelligent monitoring and plant control including process automation. In addition, the authors discuss the recent insights into the theoretical basis of plant operation in terms of thermodynamics, transport phenomena, chemical reaction kinetics/engineering, interfacial phenomena, and materials. The insights provided help engineers, scientists, and decision makers working in academia, industry and government gain a better understanding of post-combustion carbon capture technologies.
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