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Fox J., Scott M. (Eds.) Sustainable Electricity II: A Conversation on Tradeoffs

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Fox J., Scott M. (Eds.) Sustainable Electricity II: A Conversation on Tradeoffs
Springer, 2019. — 252 p. — ISBN-10 3319956957.
Realities of power company choices, regulatory boundaries, and stakeholder approvals. Expectations of the responsible investor, environmental advocate, and Silicon Valley companies including Google, Facebook, and Stanford University. Surprising stories show how creativity, innovation, and planning can resolve some of the toughest choices facing electric power companies today, although not in all cases. Building on the first volume, Sustainable Electricity: Case Studies from Electric Power Companies in North America (Fox, 2016. Springer), this book dives headfirst into the economic, environmental, and social tradeoffs power companies face as they strive to be sustainable. With more than 40 contributing experts, chapters include first-hand power company stories, case studies of leading Silicon Valley organizations; socially responsible investor contemplations; environmental advocacy arguments; and regulatory realities. The book provides a window into the choices companies make, the tradeoffs stakeholders accept, and the bottom line that comes with producing sustainable electricity. It will be an important resource that will accelerate collective thoughts on what `sustainable electricity' means and what needs to be considered when the "everyone wins" outcome is elusive.
Introduction: The Tradeoff Conversation for Sustainable Electricity.
Achieving Balance: Ameren’s Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Journey.
Reclaiming Value from Former AEP Mine Lands: Balancing Economic and Environmental Benefits.
Sustainable Electric Power from a Responsible Investing Perspective.
Exelon Driving Innovation and the Grid of the Future.
A Regulatory Perspective on Transforming the Power Sector.
Third “E”: LADWP’s Commitment to Equity Ensures First-Rate Service to All.
Portland General Electric Driving Collaboration for Sustainable Legislation.
Silicon Valley Customer Expectations: Resilience and Innovation in a Changing Climate.
Santee Cooper’s Coal Ash Impoundment Closure Challenge: Risk Reduction through Recycling.
Creating Success for TVA Through Sustainable Solutions and Customer Collaborations.
Do We Need Trade-Offs to Advance Climate Policy?
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