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Banerjee S. Open Quantum Systems: Dynamics of Nonclassical Evolution

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Banerjee S. Open Quantum Systems: Dynamics of Nonclassical Evolution
Springer, 2018. — 290 p. — (Texts and Readings in Physical Sciences 20). — ISBN-10 9811331812.
This book discusses the elementary ideas and tools needed for open quantum systems in a comprehensive manner. The emphasis is given to both the traditional master equation as well as the functional (path) integral approaches. It discusses the basic paradigm of open systems, the harmonic oscillator and the two-level system in detail. The traditional topics of dissipation and tunneling, as well as the modern field of quantum information, find a prominent place in the book. Assuming a basic background of quantum and statistical mechanics, this book will help readers familiarize with the basic tools of open quantum systems.
Open quantum systems is the study of quantum dynamics of the system of interest, taking into account the effects of the ambient environment. It is ubiquitous in the sense that any system could be envisaged to be surrounded by its environment which could naturally exert its influence on it. Open quantum systems allows for a systematic understanding of irreversible processes such as decoherence and dissipation, of the essence in order to have a correct understanding of realistic quantum dynamics and also for possible implementations. This would be essential for a possible development of quantum technologies.
Table of contents
A Primer on Quantum Statistical Mechanics and Path Integrals
Master Equations: A Prolegomenon to Open Quantum Systems
Influence Functional Approach to Open Quantum Systems
Dissipative Harmonic Oscillator
Dissipative Two-State System
Quantum Tunneling
Open Quantum System at Interface with Quantum Information
Recent Trends
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