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Ramsay Oliver V. Spice Mixes: Seasoning Cookbook

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Ramsay Oliver V. Spice Mixes: Seasoning Cookbook
Oliver V Ramsay, 2015. — 52 p.
This book is the definitive resource for mixing herbs. As well as providing you over 40 different spice mix recipes, We provide you all of the information you need to know to be able to quickly and effectively create fantastic customised spice mixes to suit your taste. . This book will enhance skillset when it comes to working out the best methods to mix herbs and create seasonings, increase the longevity of stored spices and the provide you the best ways to store your spices and seasonings. It also provides you guidances on whether certain spices can be mixed with other spices, the benefits of creating spice mixes (rather than buying them), and how to create the perfect culunary balance. Mastering the art of mixing spices can improve the quality of your life. This book combines proven steps and strategies on how to maximise the use of spices in and out of the kitchen.
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