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Pardo L., Balakrishnan N., Gil M.A. (eds.) Modern Mathematical Tools and Techniques in Capturing Complexity

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Pardo L., Balakrishnan N., Gil M.A. (eds.) Modern Mathematical Tools and Techniques in Capturing Complexity
Berlin: Springer, 2011.— 490 p.
Real-life problems are often quite complicated and, for centuries, Mathematics has provided the necessary tools and ideas to formulate these problems mathematically and then help in solving them either exactly or approximately.
This book aims to gather a collection of papers dealing with several different problems arising from many disciplines and some modern mathematical approaches to handle them. In this respect, the book offers a wide overview on many of the current trends in Mathematics as valuable formal techniques in capturing and exploiting the complexity involved in real-world situations.
Several researchers, colleagues, friends and students of Professor María Luisa Menéndez have contributed to this volume to pay tribute to her and to recognize the diverse contributions she had made to the fields of Mathematics and Statistics and to the profession in general. She had a sweet and strong personality, and instilled great values and work ethics in her students through her dedication to teaching and research. Even though the academic community lost her prematurely, she would continue to provide inspiration to many students and researchers worldwide through her published work.
Contents :
Front Matter
Front Matter
A General View of the GoodnessofFit Tests for Statistical Models
Linear Properties in a Continuous Time Linear Model
δ Outliers and Their Identification in RealValued Continuous Random Fields
Capability Index for Multivariate Processes That Are Nonstable over Time
Front Matter
Hopf Bifurcation and Bifurcation from Constant Oscillations to a Torus Path for Delayed Complex GinzburgLandau Equations
Invariant Lagrangians on the Vertically Adapted Linear Frame Bundle
On the Computation of Differential Resultants
Front Matter
Convolution of Heterogeneous Bernoulli Random Variables and Some Applications
The Effect of Nonnormality in the Power Exponential Distributions
Characterization Results for the Skewed Double Exponential Distributions
Generalized Beta GeneratedII Distributions
Front Matter
Using PowerDivergence Statistics to Test for Homogeneity in ProductMultinomial Distributions
Statistical Information Tools for Multivariate Discrete Data
Minimum PhiDivergence Estimators of a Set of Binomial Probabilities
Detection of Outlying Points in Ordered Polytomous Regression
Front Matter
Finite Element Numerical Solution for Modelling Ground Deformation in Volcanic Areas
A Finite Volume Scheme for Simulating the Coupling between Deep Ocean and an Atmospheric Energy Balance Model
On the Existence and Location of the FreeBoundary for an Equilibrium Problem in Nuclear Fusion
Front Matter
A New Power Index for Spatial Games
International Environmental Agreements and Game Theory
Front Matter
An AreaLevel Model with Fixed or Random Domain Effects in Small Area Estimation Problems
Small Area Estimation of Poverty Proportions under Random Regression Coefficient Models
Robust Henderson III Estimators of Variance Components in the Nested Error Model
Imputation and Inference with Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines
Front Matter
Multifractional Random Systems on Fractal Domains
On the Transient Behavior of the Maximum Level Length in Structured Markov Chains
On RecordLike Observations: Asymptotic Analysis Using Martingale Tools
p Symmetric Measures: Definition, Properties and Perspectives
Front Matter
Robustification of the MLE without Loss of Efficiency
Hotelling’s T Test with Multivariate Normal Mixture Populations: Approximations and Robustness
Interval and FuzzyValued Approaches to the Statistical Management of Imprecise Data
Front Matter
Autocorrelation Measures and Independence Tests in Spike Trains
Multiple Comparison of Change Trends in Cancer Mortality/Incidence Rates Taking with Overlapping Regions and TimePeriods
On the Existence of Solutions of a Mathematical Model of Morphogens
Back Matter
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