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Thompson S.P., Gardner M. Calculus Made Easy

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Thompson S.P., Gardner M. Calculus Made Easy
New York, USA: Library of Congress, 1998. — 339 p. — ISBN 0312185480.
Calculus Made Easy has long been the most popular calculus primer, and this major revision of the classic math text makes the subject at hand still more comprehensible to readers of all levels. With a new introduction, three new chapters, modernized language and methods throughout, and an appendix of challenging and enjoyable practice problems, Calculus Made Easy has been thoroughly updated for the modern reader.
To Deliver You from the Preliminary Terrors
On Different Degrees of Smallness
On Relative Growings
Simplest Cases
Next Stage. What to Do with Constants
Sums, Differences, Products, and Quotients
Successive Differentiation
When Time Varies
Introducing a Useful Dodge
Geometrical Meaning of Differentiation
Maxima and Minima
Curvature of Curves
Partial Fractions and Inverse Functions
On True Compound Interest and the Law of Organic Growth
How to Deal with Sines and Cosines
Partial Differentiation
Integrating as the Reverse of Differentiating
On Finding Areas by Integrating
Dodges, Pitfalls, and Triumphs
Finding Solutions
A Little More about Curvature of Curves
How to Find the Length of an Arc on a Curve
Table of Standard Forms
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