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Innes Christopher. Avant Garde Theatre, 1892-1992

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Innes Christopher. Avant Garde Theatre, 1892-1992
2nd edition. — London: Routledge, 1993. — 272 p. — ISBN-10: 0415065178; ISBN-13: 978-0415065177
Examining the development of avant garde theatre from its inception in the 1890s right up to the present day, Christopher Innes exposes a central paradox of modern theatre; that the motivating force of theatrical experimentation is primitivism. What links the work of Strindberg, Artaud, Brook and Mnouchkine is an idealisation of the elemental and a desire to find ritual in archaic traditions. This widespread primitivism is the key to understanding both the political and aesthetic aspects of modern theatre and provides fresh insights into contemporary social trends. The original text, first published in 1981 as Holy Theatre, has been fully revised and up-dated to take account of the most recent theoretical developments in anthropology, critical theory and psychotherapy. New sections on Heiner Muller, Robert Wilson, Eugenio Barba, Ariane Mnouchkine and Sam Shepard have been added. As a result, the book now deals with all the major avant garde theatre practitioners, in Europe and North America. Avant Garde Theatre will be essential reading for anyone attempting to understand contemporary drama.
Themes and definitions
The Politics Of Primitivism
The cult of the primitive
Bali and cultural colonialism
dreams, archetypes and the irrational
Symbolism and Alfred Jarry
August Strindberg
Therapy And Subliminal Theatre
German expressionism
Expressionist staging
Eurythmics and psychodrama
Expressionist influences and Artaudian precursors
Antonin Artaud And The Theatre Of Cruelty
Theory and practice
Form and theme
The influence of film
‘An aborted theatre’
Jean-Louis Barrault
Total theatre
Black Masses And Ceremonies Of Negation
Jean Genet
Fernando Arrabal—Lindsay Kemp
Myth And Theatre Laboratories
Peter Brook
Towards a theatre of myth
Secular Religions And Physical Spirituality
Jerzy Grotowski
Paratheatrical therapy
Anthropology, Environmental Theatre And Sexual Revolution
Eugenio Barba—Richard Schechner—Joe Chaikin
The Living Theatre
Interculturalism And Expropriating The Classics
Shakespearean adaptations
Heiner Müller and Robert Wilson
Ariane Mnouchkine
From The Margins To Mainstream
Popularization and public acceptance
Eugene O’Neill—Eugène Ionesco—Sam Shepard
Spreading the avant garde
Commercial adaptation and cultural festivals
Select bibliography
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