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Arstila Valtteri, Lloyd Dan (eds.) Subjective Time: The Philosophy, Psychology, and Neuroscience of Temporality

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Arstila Valtteri, Lloyd Dan (eds.) Subjective Time: The Philosophy, Psychology, and Neuroscience of Temporality
Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2014. —688 p. — ISBN-10: 0262019949; ISBN-13: 978-0262019941
Interdisciplinary perspectives on the feature of conscious life that scaffolds every act of cognition: subjective time.
Our awareness of time and temporal properties is a constant feature of conscious life. Subjective temporality structures and guides every aspect of behavior and cognition, distinguishing memory, perception, and anticipation. This milestone volume brings together research on temporality from leading scholars in philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience, defining a new field of interdisciplinary research. The book's thirty chapters include selections from classic texts by William James and Edmund Husserl and new essays setting them in historical context; contemporary philosophical accounts of lived time; and current empirical studies of psychological time. These last chapters, the larger part of the book, cover such topics as the basic psychophysics of psychological time, its neural foundations, its interaction with the body, and its distortion in illness and altered states of consciousness.
Contributors: Melissa J. Allman, Holly Andersen, Valtteri Arstila, Yan Bao, Dean V. Buonomano, Niko A. Busch, Barry Dainton, Sylvie Droit-Volet, Christine M. Falter, Thomas Fraps, Shaun Gallagher, Alex O. Holcombe, Edmund Husserl, William James, Piotr Jaskowski, Jeremie Jozefowiez, Ryota Kanai, Allison N. Kurti, Dan Lloyd, Armando Machado, Matthew S. Matell, Warren H. Meck, James Mensch, Bruno Mölder, Catharine Montgomery, Konstantinos Moutoussis, Peter Naish, Valdas Noreika, Sukhvinder S. Obhi, Ruth Ogden, Alan o'Donoghue, Georgios Papadelis, Ian B. Phillips, Ernst Pöppel, John E. R. Staddon, Dale N. Swanton, Rufin VanRullen, Argiro Vatakis, Till M. Wagner, John Wearden, Marc Wittmann, Agnieszka Wykowska, Kielan Yarrow, Bin Yin, Dan Zahavi
Historical Sources
Excerpts from The Principles of Psychology
The Development of the "Specious Present" and James's Views on Temporal Experience
A Brief Account of Husserl's Conception of Our Consciousness of Time
The Structure of Lived Time
Contemporary Philosophies of Lived Time
Primal Impression and Enactive Perception
The Phenomenal Continuum
The Temporal Structure of Experience
Choppy Streams of Consciousness
Is Visual Perception Like a Continuous Flow or a Series of Snapshots?
Are There Cracks in the Facade of Continuous Visual Experience?
Fragments of Time
Perceptual Asynchrony in Vision
Constructing Time: Dennett and Grush on Temporal Representation
Subjective Times and Lived Time
Temporal Windows as a Bridge from Objective to Subjective Time
Time and Magic — Manipulating Subjective Temporality
Subjective Duration in the Laboratory and the World Outside
Intersections: Timeless Philosophy and Timely Experiment
CP 15 Subjective Time: From Past to Future
Off the Clock
The Neural Mechanisms of Timing on Short Timescales
Illusory Distortion of Subjective Time Perception
Cognitive versus Associative Decision Rules in Timing
What and When
What Determines Simultaneity and Order Perception?
The Research on Audiovisual Perception of Temporal Order and the Processing of Musical Temporal Patterns: Associations, Pitfalls, and Future Directions
On the Flexibility of Human Temporal Resolution
Action and Passion
Temporal Perception in the Context of Action
What Emotions Tell Us about Time
Embodied Time: The Experience of Time, the Body, and the Self
Altered Times
Variability of Duration Perception: From Natural and Induced Alterations to Psychiatric Disorders
Time Processing in Developmental Disorders: A Comparative View
The Potential Link between Temporal Averaging and Drug-Taking Behavior
The Perception of Time in Hypnosis
Time in the Psychopathological Mind
The Disunity of Time
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