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Fergusson Francis. The Idea of a Theater: A Study of Ten Plays

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Fergusson Francis. The Idea of a Theater: A Study of Ten Plays
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1968. — 256 p. — ISBN-10: 9780691012889; ISBN-13: 978-0691012889 — (Art of Drama in Changing Perspective)
An original and beautifully written book on changing perspectives in the art of theater. Through a study of nine plays—Oedipus Rex, Bérénice, Tristan und Isolde, Hamlet, Ghosts, The Cherry Orchard, Six Characters in Search of an Author, Noah, Murder in the Cathedral—the author shows how all playwrights seek to "hold the mirror up to nature" and how in this respect the art of drama is always the same, varying only with the philosophical and aesthetic concepts of each age. The Idea of a Theater will delight both readers with a special interest in drama and those who read drama as a source of insight into man's nature and man’s changing ideas of himself.
The Idea Of A Theater
Oedipus Rex: The Tragic Rhythm Of Action
Berenice: The Action And Theater Of Reason
Tristan Und Isolde: The Action And Theater Of Passion
Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark: The Analogy Of Action
The Partial Perspectives Of The Modern Theater
Ghosts And The Cherry Orchard: The Theater Of Modern Realism
The Theatricality Of Shaw And Pirandello
Poetry Of The Theater And The Poet In The Theater
Noah: The Theater-Poetic Reality Of The Myth
Appendix: On Certain Technical Concepts Used In This Study
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