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Zhitomirsky V., Shevrin L. Maths with Mummy

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Zhitomirsky V., Shevrin L. Maths with Mummy
М.: Педагогика, 1987. — 199 с.
Математическая азбука на английском языке.
The book is intended primarily tor use at home with children of live and six. It can also be used as a textbook with the older groups at pre-school establishments and tor home reading in primary schools. It is so designed that it can simply be read aloud, but naturally it is to be hoped that adults will play a more active part, supplementing it with their own explanations, questions and as much discussion as possible.
The text is divided into ten parts which we have decided to call notebooks. Each notebook is self-contained, consisting of a separate mathematical subject and episode in the story. This does not mean, that it must be covered in one lesson. Children should not be given too much new information. In most cases the text of each notebook can be split up into smaller sections.
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