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YES: Your English Supplement 2013 Volume 8

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YES: Your English Supplement 2013 Volume 8
Anglo Files S.L. — 136 p. — MP3 128 kbps stereo.
Журнал для изучающих английский язык с упражнениями, аудио приложениями и ссылками на интернетный контент.
The Magazine
Your English Supplement (Yes) is primarily a magazine – a collection of footnoted articles for you to practise reading in English without reference to your native language. This is possible because extensive footnoting in English helps you to understand difficult expressions and unusual vocabulary. It’s a method we have tried and tested for 14 years and we know it works.
Stimulating Articles
Language learning doesn’t have to be infantilizing or dull. We present a great diversity of stimulating articles written by adults for adults. There are no taboo topics, not because we necessarily court controversy but rather because we value debate. Discussion of provocative issues will mean you want to participate. Every month we have a grammar section which helps you to think about English in original ways, honing in on specific problems that cause Efl students difficulty.
Audio Files
Our audio files give you the possibility to practise your listening skills. Real native speakers talking at normal speed may seem an enormous challenge but our audio scripts (again, fully footnoted) will allow you to work on your listening at your own pace and triumph is perhaps the hardest part of learning English.
Revise and consolidate all aspects of the magazine and the audio files through the exercises that are an integrated part of the package. This gives you an opportunity to test which aspects of what you’ve learned have caused most difficulty, so you will know what to revise in the future.
Finally, we should point out that our material incorporates links so you can take the topic under discussion further and practise what you’ve learned.
How to Use Your English Supplement
Current Affairs Contents
News and anecdotes
Science News
Internet Addiction
Politics: is your ideology a product of your brain?
Economics: marriage markets and the economics of crime
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