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Martel Giffard. The Russian outlook

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Martel Giffard. The Russian outlook
London: Michael Joseph Ltd., 1947. — 153 p.
Everyone who visits Russia writes a book about it. I first visited Russia to see their manoeuvres in 1936, and later I was head of the British Military Mission in Russia from April 1943 till February 1944. I am therefore due for at least one book on Russia. This book is written to express the views which I formed and felt at the time in those momentous days and the views which I have subsequently formed as the result of more recent events. The greatest and most important body in Russia is the Red Army. It is therefore only natural that a large part of this book is devoted to the affairs of this army. The Government and the Army have, however, always been very closely connected. Both their affairs are therefore related side by side. Taken as a whole the story is complimentary to Russia. Some of the tales, however, will read unpleasantly to the British ear. These conditions which existed at the time in Russia must, however, be taken into account. As it is so important for us to have good relations with Russia, it may be thought that some of these tales should have been omitted. All my experience with the Russians, however, points to the importance of having perfectly open and straight speech with them. They cannot bear our suave and diplomatic ways and concealing the criticisms which they know we make behind their backs. It is far better to tell the whole truth quite openly. Two nations cannot get on together without frank talk. The Russians cannot understand why we set such great store on human life. We ourselves set a much lower standard a few hundred years ago. There is no reason at all why these matters should not be discussed quite freely with the Russians. In fact, that is the only way to come to any real understanding with them. No new exposures are made in this book. The tales which are told have no doubt all been related by the individuals concerned to their friends. They have, however, been collected in this book so that deductions may be drawn which may help to spread a true realisation of the position of Russia in these times.
The Russian Manoeuvres in 1936
A Visit to Russia
The Course of the Operations
Our Deductions from these Manoeuvres
Personalities of the Russian Commanders
The Final Parade
Our Visits to Factories and Other Establishments
Our Conclusions about Russia
Russian Reactions on the Outbreak of War
The Russian Attitude towards Great Britain
Economic and Political Reactions
The Military Situation
Germany Breaks Her Treaty
Germany Invades Russia
The German Advance
Our British Military Mission to Russia
Our Visit to the Front
The Red Army
Our Deductions from this Visit
Our Discussions with the Russian General Staff
A Comparison between British and Russian Armoured Forces
Russian Conditions and Outlook during the War
The Asiatic Outlook
Has Russia Changed?
The Secret Police (N.K.V.D.)
The Standard of Living
Russia’s Attitude to the Outside World
The Military Aspect
Life in the British Military Mission
Our Dealings with the Russians in the North
Our Convoy Work to North Russia
Our Domestic Relations with the Russians
Examples of Our Treatment by the Russians
Life in North Russia
The Turning Point of the War
Our Discussions with the Russians before the Operations
The Course of the Operations
A Process of Attrition
Our Relations with the Russians receive a Set-back
The Advance beyond the Dnieper
The Russian War Effort
Building Up the Communications
Behind the Red Army
The Moscow, Cairo and Teheran Conferences
The Moscow Conference
The Cairo Conference
The Teheran Conference
The Case of Signalmen Prior and Loades
The Pravda Incident
Some Incidents in Russia
Our Direct Air Line from England to Moscow
Russian Prisoners of War
The Kharkov Atrocities
Russia with Victory in Sight
Closing in on Germany
The Russians Change their Outlook
The Political and Economic Situation
An Address to the Conservative Members in the House
Looking Back on the War
The Russian Views
A Defence Minister
The Strategy of the First World War
Casualties in the World Wars
A Defence Minister in the First World War
A Defence Minister in the Second World War
A Second Front in 1942
A Second Front in 1943
Conclusions on Russia
Certain Criticisms
The Communist Party in Russia
Questions about Russia
Our Course of Action
The Future
Russia’s Place in the World
The Development of UNO
The World Organised in Empires
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