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Osprey Campaign №112. Ford Ken. D-Day 1944 (4): Gold & Juno Beaches

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Osprey Campaign №112. Ford Ken. D-Day 1944 (4): Gold & Juno Beaches
Osprey Publishing, 2002. — 96 p. — ISBN 978-1-8417-6368-2.
Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of Normandy, was the greatest sea-borne military operation in history. At the heart of the invasion and key to its success were the landings of British 50th Division on Gold Beach and Canadian 3rd Division on Juno Beach. Not only did they provide the vital link between the landings of British 3rd Division on Sword Beach and the Americans to the west on Omaha, they would be crucial to the securing of the beachhead and the drive inland to Bayeux and Caen. In the fourth D-Day volume Ken Ford details the assault that began the liberation of Nazi-occupied Europe.
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