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Osprey Campaign №093. William Martin, Ian Drury. Verdun 1916: ‘They Shall Not Pass’

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Osprey Campaign №093. William Martin, Ian Drury. Verdun 1916: They Shall Not Pass’
Osprey Publishing, 2001. — 96 p. — ISBN 978-1-85532-993-5.
On 21 February 1916 German General Erich von Falkenhayn unleashed his hammer-blow offensive against the French fortress city of Verdun. His aim was nothing short of the destruction of the French army. Falkenhayn was sure that the symbolic value of Verdun was such that the French would be 'compelled to throw in every man they have.' He was equally sure that 'if they do so the forces of France will bleed to death'. The massed batteries of German guns would smash the French troops in their trenches and bunkers. But the French hung on with immense courage and determination and the battle became a bloody war of attrition. This title describes the destructive events of this pivotal First World War battle.
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