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Martinček G. Dynamics of Pavement Structures

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Martinček G. Dynamics of Pavement Structures
Bratislava, Slovak Republic: Taylor & Francis and Ister Science Press, 1994. — 403 p. — ISBN 0419181008.
This book presents a rigorous treatment of the fundamental, mathematical behaviour of pavement structures under dynamic loading. The topic is of growing importance in economic design of aircraft runways and highway pavements.
Dynamic diagnosis of pavement structures
Model of the equivalent plate on subgrade
Variants of the dynamic theory of the equivalent plate on subgrade
Dynamic interaction of plates with the subgrade for characteristic loads
Dynamic interaction of plate with subgrade under a moving load
The dynamic response of plates with free boundaries on unbounded soil base
Concentration of vibration about holes in plate on subgrade
Non-linear dynamic response of unbounded plate on subgrade
Effects of vibration-isolating barriers on propagation of vibration in soil bases
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