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Chen Yu, Tong Z.-R. (Eds) Click Chemistry: Approaches, Applications, and Challenges

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Chen Yu, Tong Z.-R. (Eds) Click Chemistry: Approaches, Applications, and Challenges
New York, USA: Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2017. — 379 p. — (Chemistry Research and Applications). — ISBN 1536119032.
Click chemistry, which is also referred to as linkage chemistry, dynamic, combinatorial chemistry or quick linking combinatorial chemistry describes the reaction that joins molecular fragments as simply, efficient and versatile as clicking a mouse. The two units with specific click structures can be linked by a click reaction no matter what is attached to the structure, and only the specific click structures can be joined. It emphasizes the development of new combinatorial chemistries on the basis of the synthesis of efficient and highly selective carbon-heteroatom bonds (C-X-C), and effectively prepares molecules with high diversity via these simple reactions. It significantly simplified and promoted the development of synthesis chemistry. Click chemistry has become one of the most useful and attractive synthetic strategies in many fields. In this book, the definition of click chemistry is explained, the characteristics and types of click chemistry are introduced, and some specific reaction types are focused on. The progress for using click chemistry for the synthesis and functionalization of hydrogels, elastomers, surface modifications, membrane preparations, assemble polyaromatic structures, biomedical fields and optical sensing in biological analyses are described in detail. The problems and challenges for using click chemistry in different fields are analyzed.
The Introduction of Click Chemistry Reaction
Nitrile N-Oxide-Based Click Reactions Accompanying C-C Bond Formation
Bi-1,2,3-Triazoles: Synthesis and Perspectives
Click Chemistry of Natural Polymers
Synthesis and Functionalization of Hydrogel through “Click-Chemistry”
Using of Click Chemistry for Elastomer
Surface Engineering of Porous Monoliths via Click Chemistry: Towards Functional Materials for Flow Chemistry Applications
Click Chemistry for Membrane Preparation and Surface Modification
Copper-Mediated Click Chemistry Applications to Assemble Polyaromatic Structures
Application of Click Chemistry in Biomedical Fields
Click Chemistry: Optical Sensing in Biological Analysis
Telechilic Polybutadiene Solid Propellant Binders Based on ‘Çlick’ Chemistry Approach
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