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Lazazzara A. et al. (eds.) Organizing for Digital Innovation

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Lazazzara A. et al. (eds.) Organizing for Digital Innovation
Springer, 2019. — 297 p. — (Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation 27). — ISBN 9783319904993, 9783319905006.
Alessandra Lazazzara, Raoul C.D. Nacamulli, Cecilia Rossignoli, Stefano Za (Eds.)
This book presents a collection of research papers exploring the human side of digital innovation management, with a specific focus on what people say and share on social media, how they respond to the introduction of specific IT tools, and how digital innovations are impacting sustainability and inclusion. Given the plurality of views that it offers, the book is particularly relevant for digital technology users, companies, scientists and governments. The overall spread of digital and technological advances is enhanced or hampered by people’s skills, behaviors and attitudes. The challenge of balancing the digital dimension with humans situated in specific contexts, relations and networks has sparked a growing interest in how people use and respond to digital innovations. The content of the book is based on a selection of the best papers – original double-blind peer-reviewed contributions – presented at the annual conference of the Italian chapter of the AIS, which was held in Milan, Italy, in October 2017.
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