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Natke H.G. Application of System Identification in Engineering

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Natke H.G. Application of System Identification in Engineering
Springer, Wien, 1988. — 577 p. — ISBN 978-3-211-82052-0.
System identification is a powerful tool in Engineering. lts various methods in the frequency and in the time domain have been extensively discussed in earlier CISM courses. The aim of this course is to describe the state of the art in specific application areas, e.g. estimation of
eigenquantities (in the airplane and aerospace industry, in civil engineering, in naval engineering etc.), noise source detection, fault detection by investigation of dynamic properties, such as machine sound characteristics, and the identification of the dynamic behaviour of flow induced systems (e.g. aeroelastic problems). Geotechnical app/ications are also one of the fields of interest.
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