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Period Living 2017 Extending A Period Home

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Period Living 2017 Extending A Period Home
Centaur Home Interest Media. — 68 p.
The extended homes featured in this magazine showcase the wide variety of potential design options for enlarging a period property, whether you live in a pretty Victorian terrace or semi, or a characterful 17th-century farmhouse.
Creating a new space in an older home that enhances your lifestyle while being sympathetic to the existing architecture can be a di cult balance to achieve, and there’s no one-size- ts-all approach. Too many poorly designed extensions have been seemingly bolted on at the side or rear and neither enhance the look of the house outside nor the space inside.
Some even end up detracting from existing rooms that become thoroughfares and su  er from a loss of light.
A good design will not only look beautifully done from the outside, but will combine the old and new footprint to make light- lled, relaxing, useable living spaces that work for the whole family.
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