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Buckler Craig. Modern CSS

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Buckler Craig. Modern CSS
SitePoint, 2018. — 78 p.
CSS has grown from a language for formatting documents into a robust language for designing web applications. Its syntax is easy to learn, making CSS a great entry point for those new to programming. Indeed, it's often the second language that developers learn, right behind HTML.
As CSS's feature set and abilities have grown, so has its depth. This book is a collection of articles that explore some of the amazing thngs that developers can do with CSS today; things that in the past might only have been achievable with some pretty complex javascript previously, if at all. It contains:
Using CSS Transforms in the Real World by Craig Buckler
Variable Fonts: What They Are, and How to Use Them by Claudio Ribeiro
Scroll Snap in CSS: Controlling Scroll Action by Tiffany B. Brown
Real World Use of CSS with SVG by Craig Buckler
CSS and PWAs: Some Tips for Building Progressive Web Apps by David Attard
20 Tips for Optimizing CSS Performance by Craig Buckler
Advanced CSS Theming with Custom Properties and javascript by Ahmed Bouchefra
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