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Fitzgibbon A., Lazebnik S., Perona P., Sato Y., Schmid C. (Eds.) Computer Vision - ECCV 2012. Part IV

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Fitzgibbon A., Lazebnik S., Perona P., Sato Y., Schmid C. (Eds.) Computer Vision - ECCV 2012. Part IV
Proceedings of 12th European Conference on Computer Vision: in 7 parts. — New York: Springer, 2012. — 885 p.
Poster Session 4
Tracking Feature Points in Uncalibrated Images with Radial Distortion
Divergence-Free Motion Estimation
Visual Tracking via Adaptive Tracker Selection with Multiple Features
Image Enhancement Using Calibrated Lens Simulations
Color Constancy, Intrinsic Images, and Shape Estimation
A Fast Illumination and Deformation Insensitive Image Comparison Algorithm Using Wavelet-Based Geodesics
Large-Scale Gaussian Process Classification with Flexible Adaptive Histogram Kernels
Background Subtraction with Dirichlet Processes
Mobile Product Image Search by Automatic Query Object Extraction
Analyzing the Subspace Structure of Related Images: Concurrent Segmentation of Image Sets
Artistic Image Classification: An Analysis on the PRINTART Database
Oral Session 4: Actions and Activities
Detecting Actions, Poses, and Objects with Relational Phraselets
Action Recognition with Exemplar Based 2.5D Graph Matching .
Cost-Sensitive Top-Down/Bottom-Up Inference for Multiscale Activity Recognition
Activity Forecasting
A Unified Framework for Multi-target Tracking and Collective Activity Recognition
Poster Session 5
Camera Pose Estimation Using First-Order Curve Differential Geometry
Beyond Feature Points: Structured Prediction for Monocular Non-rigid 3D Reconstruction
Learning Spatially-Smooth Mappings in Non-Rigid Structure from Motion
In Defence of RANSAC for Outlier Rejection in Deformable Registration
A Tensor Voting Approach for Multi-view 3D Scene Flow Estimation and Refinement
Two-View Underwater Structure and Motion for Cameras under Flat Refractive Interfaces
Reading Ancient Coins: Automatically Identifying Denarii Using
Obverse Legend Seeded Retrieval
Robust and Practical Face Recognition via Structured Sparsity
Recognizing Materials from Virtual Examples
Scene Recognition on the Semantic Manifold
Unsupervised Temporal Commonality Discovery
Finding People Using Scale, Rotation and Articulation Invariant Matching
Measuring Image Distances via Embedding in a Semantic Manifold.
Efficient Point-to-Subspace Query in 1 with Application to Robust Face Recognition
Recognizing Complex Events Using Large Margin Joint Low-Level Event Model
Multi-component Models for Object Detection
Discriminative Decorrelation for Clustering and Classification
Beyond Spatial Pyramids: A New Feature Extraction Framework with Dense Spatial Sampling for Image Classification
Subspace Learning in Krein Spaces: Complete Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis with Indefinite Kernels
A Novel Material-Aware Feature Descriptor for Volumetric Image Registration in Diffusion Tensor Space
Efficient Closed-Form Solution to Generalized Boundary Detection
Attribute Learning for Understanding Unstructured Social Activity
Statistical Inference of Motion in the Invisible
Going with the Flow: Pedestrian Efficiency in Crowded Scenes
Reconstructing 3D Human Pose from 2D Image Landmarks
Fast Tiered Labeling with Topological Priors
TreeCANN - k-d Tree Coherence Approximate Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
Robust Regression
Domain Adaptive Dictionary Learning
A Robust and Efficient Doubly Regularized Metric Learning Approach
A Discriminative Data-Dependent Mixture-Model Approach for Multiple Instance Learning in Image Classification
No Bias Left behind: Covariate Shift Adaptation for Discriminative 3D Pose Estimation .
Labeling Images by Integrating Sparse Multiple Distance Learning and Semantic Context Modeling
Exploiting the Circulant Structure of Tracking-by-Detection with Kernels .
Online Spatio-temporal Structural Context Learning for Visual Tracking
Automatic Tracking of a Large Number of Moving Targets in 3D
Towards Optimal Non-rigid Surface Tracking
Full Body Performance Capture under Uncontrolled and Varying Illumination: A Shading-Based Approach
Automatic Exposure Correction of Consumer Photographs
Image Guided Tone Mapping with Locally Nonlinear Model
A Comparison of the Statistical Properties of IQA Databases Relative to a Set of Newly Captured High-Definition Images Supervised Assessment of Segmentation Hierarchies
Image Labeling on a Network: Using Social-Network Metadata for Image Classification
Segmentation Based Particle Filtering for Real-Time 2D Object Tracking
Online Video Segmentation by Bayesian Split-Merge Clustering
Joint Classification-Regression Forests for Spatially Structured Multi-object Segmentation
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