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Fitzgibbon A., Lazebnik S., Perona P., Sato Y., Schmid C. (Eds.) Computer Vision - ECCV 2012. Part I

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Fitzgibbon A., Lazebnik S., Perona P., Sato Y., Schmid C. (Eds.) Computer Vision - ECCV 2012. Part I
Proceedings of 12th European Conference on Computer Vision: in 7 parts. — New York: Springer, 2012. — 881 p.
Poster Session 1
Lie Bodies: A Manifold Representation of 3D Human Shape
Worldwide Pose Estimation Using 3D Point Clouds
Improved Reconstruction of Deforming Surfaces by Cancelling Ambien Occlusion
On the Statistical Determination of Optimal Camera Configurations in Large Scale Surveillance Networks
The Scale of Geometric Texture
Efficient Articulated Trajectory Reconstruction Using Dynamic Programming and Filters
Object Co-detection
Morphable Displacement Field Based Image Matching for Face Recognition across Pose
Combining Per-frame and Per-track Cues for Multi-person Action Recognition
Joint Image and Word Sense Discrimination for Image Retrieval
Script Data for Attribute-Based Recognition of Composite Activities
Undoing the Damage of Dataset Bias
Dog Breed Classification Using Part Localization
A Dictionary Learning Approach for Classification: Separating the Particularity and the Commonality
Learning to Efficiently Detect Repeatable Interest Points in Depth Data
Effective Use of Frequent Itemset Mining for Image Classification
Efficient Discriminative Projections for Compact Binary Descriptors
Descriptor Learning Using Convex Optimisation
Bottom-Up Perceptual Organization of Images into Object Part Hypotheses
Match Graph Construction for Large Image Databases
Modeling Complex Temporal Composition of Actionlets for Activity Prediction
Learning Human Interaction by Interactive Phrases
Learning to Recognize Daily Actions Using Gaze
Gait Recognition by Ranking
Semi-intrinsic Mean Shift on Riemannian Manifolds
Efficient Nonlocal Regularization for Optical Flow
Fast Fusion Moves for Multi-model Estimation
Approximate MRF Inference Using Bounded Treewidth Subgraphs
Recursive Bilateral Filtering
Accelerated Large Scale Optimization by Concomitant Hashing
Graph Degree Linkage: Agglomerative Clustering on a Directed Graph
Supervised Earth Mover’s Distance Learning and Its Computer Vision Applications
Global Optimization of Object Pose and Motion from a Single Rolling Shutter Image with Automatic 2D-3D Matching
Online Learning of Linear Predictors for Real-Time Tracking
Online Learned Discriminative Part-Based Appearance Models for Multi-human Tracking
Exposure Stacks of Live Scenes with Hand-Held Cameras
Dual-Force Metric Learning for Robust Distracter-Resistant Tracker
Shape and Reflectance from Natural Illumination
Frequency Analysis of Transient Light Transport with Applications in Bare Sensor Imaging
Nonuniform Lattice Regression for Modeling the Camera Imaging Pipeline
Context-Based Automatic Local Image Enhancement
Segmentation with Non-linear Regional Constraints via Line-Search Cuts
Hausdorff Distance Constraint for Multi-surface Segmentation
Background Subtraction Using Low Rank and Group Sparsity Constraints
Free Hand-Drawn Sketch Segmentation
Auto-Grouped Sparse Representation for Visual Analysis
Oral Session 1: Geometry: Theory and application;
A QCQP Approach to Triangulation
Reconstructing the World’s Museums
Poster Session 2,
Background Inpainting for Videos with Dynamic Objects and a Free-Moving Camera
Optimal Templates for Nonrigid Surface Reconstruction
Simultaneous Shape and Pose Adaption of Articulated Models Using Linear Optimization Robust Fitting for Multiple View Geometry
Improving Image-Based Localization by Active Correspondence Search
From Meaningful Contours to Discriminative Object Shape
A Particle Filter Framework for Contour Detection
TriCoS: A Tri-level Class-Discriminative Co-segmentation Method for Image Classification
Multi-view Discriminant Analysis
Multi-scale Patch Based Collaborative Representation for Face Recognition with Margin Distribution Optimization
Object Detection Using Strongly-Supervised Deformable Part Models
Efficient Misalignment-Robust Representation for Real-Time Face Recognition
Monocular Object Detection Using 3D Geometric Primitives
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