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Bounceur A., Bezoui M., Euler R. Boundaries and Hulls of Euclidean Graphs

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Bounceur A., Bezoui M., Euler R. Boundaries and Hulls of Euclidean Graphs
Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2019. — 218 p.
Contents :
Half Title
Table of Contents
Basic definitions
Partial graphs and subgraphs
Chains and cycles
Some classes of graphs
Hamiltonian graphs
Planar graphs
Minimum spanning trees
Non-graphical representations of a graph
Computational geometry
Delaunay triangulations
Planar straight-line graphs
Euclidean graphs
Angles and visits
Visiting polar angles
Interior and exterior angles and polygons
Angle-based method
Minimum x-coordinate based method
Definitions and properties
Definitions and properties
Definition and properties
Relation between α-shape and Delaunay triangulation
Boundaries of graphs
Polygon hull of general Euclidean graphs
B-polygon hull
C-polygon hull
Finding the convex hull of a set of points in the plane
Jarvis' algorithm
The Quickhull algorithm
Andrew's algorithm
Kallay's algorithm
Chan's algorithm
Finding a concave hull of a set of points in the plane
Split and merge
Perceptual boundary extraction
K-nearest neighbor
Concaveness measure
LPCN: Least Polar-angle Connected Node algorithm to find a polygon hull of a connected Euclidean graph
A-polygon hull
B-polygon hull
C-polygon hull
Finding the polygon hull of a Euclidean graph without conditions on the starting vertex
What is a distributed algorithm?
Basic concepts
Complexity of distributed algorithms
Flooding and spanning tree
Flooding for Leaf Finding
Minimum Finding
Local Minima Finding
Global Minimum Finding
The concept
The algorithm
The concept
The algorithm
The algorithm
Comparison of the leader election algorithms
The D-LPCN algorithm
The D-RRLPCN algorithm
The simulator CupCarbon and boundary detection
CupCarbon for network simulation
Menu bar
Parameter menu
Sensor node
Analog events (Gas)
An introduction to SenScript
Sending and receiving messages
Wait-Before-Starting (WBS)
Wait-Before-Starting with Flooding
Wait-Before-Starting with FLF
Global Minimum Finding
The R-LOGO algorithm
The R-BrOGO algorithm
The DoTRo algorithm
Version 1: fixing the starting node manually
Version 2: starting from Minimum Finding
Version 3: starting from R-BrOGO
Version 4: starting from DoTRo
Finding the boundary nodes of a WSN
Boundary node failure detection and reconfiguration
Finding voids and gaps in WSNs
Cluster finding and shape reconstruction
Image contour polygon
Polygon hull in an angle graph
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