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Christopoulos C. The Transmission-Line Modeling Method in Electromagnetics

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Christopoulos C. The Transmission-Line Modeling Method in Electromagnetics
Morgan & Claypool, 2006. — 132 p. — (Synthesis Lectures on Computational Electromagnetics 07). — ISBN 1598290509.
This book presents the topic of Transmission-Line Modeling (TLM) to a graduate or advanced undergraduate audience. It will also be suitable for computational electromagnetics specialists working in industry who wish to become familiar with this technique. Author Christos Christopoulos emphasizes the technique's physical concepts before embarking on a discussion of its mathematical developments. The work also provides simple straightforward suggestions for the development of models, which can then be programmed for further computation. Also included are sections with a strong mathematical flavor where there are clear methodological advantages, forming the basis for developing practical modeling tools. The main implementation of TLM is as a time-domain differential equation method but there are also TLM implementations in the frequency-domain. The emphasis of this book is on the time-domain TLM.
Modeling As an Intellectual Activity
Field and Network Paradigms
Transmission Lines and Transmission-Line Models
Two-Dimensional TLM Models
An Unstructured 2D TLM Model
TLM in Three Dimensions
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