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Walker T., Krosinsky C., Hasan L.N., Kibsey S.D. (Eds.) Sustainable Real Estate: Multidisciplinary Approaches to an Evolving System

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Walker T., Krosinsky C., Hasan L.N., Kibsey S.D. (Eds.) Sustainable Real Estate: Multidisciplinary Approaches to an Evolving System
Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019. — 462 p. — (Palgrave Studies in Sustainable Business in Association with Future Earth). — ISBN 3319945645.
This edited collection broadens the definition of sustainable real estate based on industry trends, research, and the Paris Climate Agreements. Discussions encompass existing and new buildings throughout their life cycle, the financing of their development and operations, and their impact on the surrounding environments and communities. This broader perspective provides a better understanding of the interconnected nature of the environmental, societal, communal, political, and financial issues affecting sustainable real estate, revealing the wide-ranging impact of practitioners' decisions on the sustainable real estate system. Bringing together carefully selected articles from leading global academic and practitioner experts from urban planning, design, construction, and finance, this collection brings to light new opportunities and innovative transdisciplinary solutions to as-yet unresolved problems.
The Relevance of Real Estate in Solving Climate Change
Evolutions in Sustainability and Sustainable Real Estate
Regulatory Approaches
Public Regulatory Trends in Sustainable Real Estate
A Policy Framework for Sustainable Real Estate in the European Union
Market-Driven Approaches
Information or Marketing? Lessons from the History of Private-Sector Green Building Labelling
Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmarking: An Essential Tool for Real Estate Management
Business Case for Green Buildings for Owner-Operators
Sustainability as an Organizational Effectiveness Tool
Delivering Affordable, Reliable, Sustainable Energy
Building Energy Simulation and the Design of Sustainable and Resilient Buildings
Driving Investment in High-Performance Commercial Buildings
Financing Rooftop Solar for Single-Family Rental Properties
Sustainable Cities and Communities
A Case for Sustainable Affordable Housing in the United States
Passive House Standard: A Strategic Mean for Building Affordable Sustainable Housing in Nova Scotia
Sustainable Investing in Community Sporting Facilities
Sustainable Real Estate in the Middle East: Challenges and Future Trends
Sustainable Community Development in Nigeria: The Role of Real Estate Development
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