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Kutz Matthew R. (ed.) Leadership and Management in Athletic Training: An Integrated Approach

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Kutz Matthew R. (ed.) Leadership and Management in Athletic Training: An Integrated Approach
2nd edition. — Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2018. — 354 p. — ISBN: 9781284124880
Leadership and Management in Athletic Training: An Integrated Approach, Second Edition is designed to help athletic trainers effectively integrate the art of leadership with the science of management. While the Board of Certification (BOC) Role Delineation Study and Practice Analysis has identified the evolving role of leadership within athletic training, few resources exist to address it; this text’s purpose is to remedy that and give athletic training students and athletic trainers the tools they need to become successful leaders and managers.Beginning with an exploration of the profession’s history and the role of the sports medicine team today, Leadership and Management in Athletic Training considers the key concepts and theories of professional preparation, leadership, and management. Later chapters introduce management techniques such as record keeping, financial management, revenue and reimbursement strategies, as well as risk management. The text concludes with coverage of strategic thinking, facility design, professional ethics, and international athletic training. Core concepts are highlighted and reinforced through the inclusion of “From the Field” anecdotes, “Leadership Application” scenarios, and “Leadership Activity” assignments.
History and Development of Athletic Training
Developing the Sports Medicine Team
Communication Strategies for Athletic Trainers
Professional Preparation
Concepts of Leadership
Leadership Behaviors for Athletic Trainers
Key Concepts of Management
Human Resources and Organizational Development
Record Keeping and Documentation
Financial Management
Reimbursement and Revenue
Legal Issues and Risk Management
Strategic Thinking and Program Planning
Facility Design and Management
Professional Ethics
International Athletic Training
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