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Sticker H. How to Calculate Quickly: Full Course in Speed Arithmetic

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Sticker H. How to Calculate Quickly: Full Course in Speed Arithmetic
New York: Dover Publications Inc, 1955. — vi + 185 p.
Do you want to double or triple the speed with which you calculate? Can you run a rapid mental check over the results of your calculating machines? Can you check bills worked out for you by grocery store cash registers, on waiters' checks, on department store charge accounts? Or do you simply take their word for the disposal of your money? Don't envy friends who can perform these calculations with lightning speed and complete accuracy. Theirs is not wholly an inborn ability. You can acquire these skills by the methods described in this book. How to Calculate Quickly is a tried and true method for helping you in the mathematics of daily life — addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions.
The author can awaken for you a faculty which is surprisingly dormant in accountants, engineers, scientists, businessmen, and others who work with figures. This is "number sense" — or the ability to recognize relations between numbers considered as whole quantities. Lack of this number sense makes it entirely possible for a scientist to be proficient in higher mathematics, but to bog down in the arithmetic of everyday life.
This book teaches those necessary mathematical techniques which schools neglect to teach: Horizontal addition, left to right multiplication and division, etc. You will learn a method of multiplication so rapid that you'll be able to do products in not much more time than it would take to write the problem down on paper.
This is not a collection of tricks which work in only a very few special cases; but a serious, capably planned course of basic mathematics for self-instruction. It contains over 9,000 short problems and their solutions for you to work on streetcars, in taxis, at lunch, during spare moments. Five or ten minutes spent daily on this book will, within ten weeks, give you a number sense that will double or triple your calculation speed.
The Plan of This Book
Short Cuts
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