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McCoy Edan. How to Do Automatic Writing

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McCoy Edan. How to Do Automatic Writing
Llewellyn Publications, 2002. — 290 p. — ISBN 1567186629.
Your room is darkened, lit only by evocative, flickering candles. You sit in a chair, eyes closed, in a deep, meditative state. Your hand rests on a pad of paper on a table. Resting in your hand is a pen. Slowly the pen begins to move. You don't seem to be in control, yet, feeling safe, you allow the pen to move over the paper. Finally, your hand stops. You come out of your trance and look at the result. The paper is covered with words and drawings, ready for you to interpret. You smile at what an amazing thing it is that you have accomplished. This is not a far-fetched fiction. It is something you can learn to do easily and in a short time if you follow the directions in Edain McCoy's How to Do Automatic Writing. In this book you will discover that there are fifteen steps to follow when doing automatic writing. McCoy clearly explains each step so you can do it. Of course, even before you get there you will learn about the history of automatic writing and theories about how it works. You will also be given exercises and techniques to prepare yourself for this amazing experience. This includes everything from meditation to breathwork. Then, when you have finished your automatic writing session, you will learn how to interpret any words or symbols you have created. And what can you use this for? You can get answers to questions. You can get wisdom from your higher self. You can communicate with the spirits of loved ones, angels or spirit guides. You can even do readings for people. The possibilities are almost endless. And the really great thing about this is that it can be done at a moment's notice almost anywhere. All you need is a pen and some paper. The book also includes methods to encourage your development of the skill, ranging from astrological timing to the use of stones and herbs. The time is "write" for you to learn this skill. This book will do it.
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