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Aveyard A. and oth. Martial Arts of the Middle Age

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Aveyard A. and oth. Martial Arts of the Middle Age
Aveyard A., Cardwell J., Davison B. , Haggerty D. — Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, 2014. — 132 p.
This project created a DVD supplement for European medieval martial arts study. Our DVD covers introductions into a variety of practices from the 14th century onwards, following in the footsteps of the medieval fencing masters. The intent of this DVD is to be used as an auxiliary resource for both students and instructors in their studies of the martial practices. It details the origin of the practices, fundamental principles for combat, and introductory knowledge on several weapons and their techniques, including cut and thrust swords, rapiers, daggers and wrestling, and staff weapons.
These practices declined after the medieval age with the rise and spread of gunpowder weapons. The martial practices continued to dwindle until the late 20th century when a sort of resurrection occurred. The re-discovery of the ancient manuscripts, documents created by fencing masters to spread their vast knowledge, sparked renewed interest in the subject.
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