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Kirkpatrick Betty, Mok Rebecca. Read and Understand 1

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Kirkpatrick Betty, Mok Rebecca. Read and Understand 1
Learners Publishing, 2005. — 124 р.
This is a series of four workbooks written for secondary or intermediate students who want to improve their reading comprehension skills. The 15 reading texts in each of the two lower-level books deal with contemporary and social issues that teenagers are encouraged to read about. Words and phrases highlighted in each passage are explained in the Vocabulary Study section. There is a variety of comprehension exercises, including Pre-reading Questions and Oral Practice. Students can hear the reading passages on an accompanying audio CD. These workbooks are suitable for small group or classroom use.
Reading texts deal with social and contemporary issues.
Accompanying audio CD records all the reading texts.
Vocabulary Study section explains difficult words in each passage.
Includes exercises for vocabulary building and grammar practice.
Provides activities for small groups or pair work to develop students' oral skills.
Separate Answer Key provided.
Betty Kirkpatrick, a graduate of Edinburgh University, has had a long and distinguished career as editor, publisher and writer of English reference books. She was the editor of the Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary and the editor of Roget's Thesaurus. She now writes mainly for Learners Publishing. Rebecca Mok holds a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics. She has over thirty years' experience in education as English language teacher, principal, and Ministry of Education officer specializing in language curriculum planning.
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