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Economic Evaluation of Pavement Maintenance. Final Report for Publication

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Economic Evaluation of Pavement Maintenance. Final Report for Publication
PAV-ECO Project - 1999 - 195 pages
Final Report for Publication
This report is the Final Report of the PAV-ECO Project. PAV-ECO was a part of the Project “Pavement and Structure Management System” that covered two separate, but related, Research Projects, which were carried out under partial funding from the Transport Research and Technological Development Programme of the Fourth Framework Programme of the Commission of the European Communities. The PAV-ECO (Economic Evaluation of Pavement Maintenance) Project was initiated by the Forum of European National Highway Laboratories (FEHRL); it started on 14 October, 1997, and ended on 13 October, 1999. The aim of the PAV-ECO Project was to develop economic cost models for evaluation of the life-cycle costs of pavements, and the effects on road infrastructure maintenance when new roads are added to the road network. The proposed economic cost models are applicable for the European countries, and the models will improve the efficiency of the decision-making process by bringing together scientific and technical excellence and inventiveness from leading countries developing lifecycle cost approaches and pavement maintenance performance models.
The PAV-ECO Project had a total of six Work Packages, comprising maintenance measures evaluation, impact of traffic change, social economic evaluation, allocation of funds, evaluation of existing vehicle operating cost models and, finally a work package covering dissemination and exploitation of results. This report summarises the work done in these Work Packages, presents the outcome of the Project and draws the overall conclusions and recommendations from the study. It is the final Deliverable from the Project to the Commission of the European Communities.
The Danish Road Institute was responsible for the overall management and coordination of the Project, while six different Partners managed the six Work Packages.
With only eight Partners in the Project, all Partners were members of the PAV-ECO Technical Committee, providing the overall technical input during the Project and acting as authors and as a sounding board for this Final Report.
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