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Metelmann H.R., von Woedtke Th., Weltmann K.D. (Eds.) Comprehensive Clinical Plasma Medicine: Cold Physical Plasma for Medical Application

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Metelmann H.R., von Woedtke Th., Weltmann K.D. (Eds.) Comprehensive Clinical Plasma Medicine: Cold Physical Plasma for Medical Application
Cham, Switzerland, Springer International Publishing, 2018. — 512 p. — ISBN: 978-3-319-67626-5,978-3-319-67627-2.
This textbook is the first to address the integrated clinical plasma medicine team in research, teaching and medical care.
Presents the state of the art in clinical plasma medicine
Written by leading experts in the field
Provides information on where to further qualify in plasma medicine
This book presents the state of the art in clinical plasma medicine and outlines translational research strategies. Written by an international group of authors, it is divided into four parts. Part I is a detailed introduction and includes basic and recent research information on plasma sciences, plasma devices and mechanisms of biological plasma effects. Parts II and III provide valuable clinical insights f.e. into the treatment of superficial contaminations, ulcerations, wounds, treatment of cells in cancer, special indications like in heart surgery, dentistry, palliative treatment in head and neck cancer or the use of plasma in hygiene. Part IV offers information on how and where to qualify in plasma medicine and which companies produce and supply medical devices and is thus of particular interest to medical practitioners.
This comprehensive book offers a sciences based practical to the clinical use of plasma and includes an extended selection of scientific medical data and translational literature.
Table of contents
Introduction to Plasma Medicine
Plasma Sources for Biomedical Applications
Relevant Plasma Parameters for Certification
Key Roles of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species
Safety Aspects of Non-Thermal Plasmas
Antimicrobial Activity of Plasma
Treatment of Ulcerations and Wounds
Cold Atmospheric Plasma in Context of Surgical Site Infection
Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) Combined with Chemo-Radiation and Cytoreductive Surgery: The First Clinical Experience for Stage IV Metastatic Colon Cancer
Palliative Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer
Treatment of Split Skin Draft Donor and Recipient Sites
The Use of Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma (CAP) in Cardiac Surgery
Selected Settings of Clinical Plasma Treatment
Plasma Application for Hygienic Purposes in Medicine, Industry, and Biotechnology: Update 2017
Application in Veterinary Medicine
Side Effect Management
Perspectives in Dental Implantology
Perspectives in Orthodontics
Perspectives in Dental Caries
Perspectives in General Surgery
Perspectives in Aesthetic Medicine
Perspective in Pigmentation Disorders
Perspectives in Immunology of Wound Healing
Cancer Immunology
Perspectives in Ophthalmology
Plasma Activated Medium
Enhancement of the Penetration of Topically Applied Substances by Tissue-Tolerable Plasma
Designing Clinical Studies in Wound Healing
The Baltic Sea Region as One Test and Development Site for Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) Devices
Safe and Effective Plasma Treatment by Structured Education
Training Wound Nurses in Plasma Medicine
PlasmaDerm - Based on di_CAP Technology
MicroPlaSter and SteriPlas
DIN SPEC 91315: A First Attempt to Implement Mandatory Test Protocols for the Characterization of Plasma Medical Devices
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