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Miller Judith C. (ed.) NCLEX-PN Review

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Miller Judith C. (ed.) NCLEX-PN Review
2nd edition. — Delmar Cengage Learning, 2011. — 722 p.
For anyone pursuing a career in practical or vocational nursing, NCLEX-PN REVIEW will help you prepare. Each subject is presented concisely and thoroughly in outline format and is organized around the Nursing Process. Anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology topics are integrated throughout the book to improve understanding and application of difficult concepts. Practice tests and a unique software program help build confidence and familiarity with the material along with various styles of NCLEX questions such as multiple response and the new "charting style" question. Over 4000 questions are included for practice.
How To Prepare For Nclex-Pn.
Essential Concepts.
The Older Adult Client.
The Perioperative Client.
Cardiovascular System.
Hematologic System.
The Respiratory System.
The Neurosensory System.
The Gastrointestinal System.
The Genitourinary System.
The Musculoskeletal System.
The Endocrine System.
The Integumentary System.
The Female Reproductive System, Maternity, And Newborns.
The Mental Health Client.
Nutrition And Special Diets.
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