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Davis P.J., Rabinowitz P. Methods of numerical integration

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Davis P.J., Rabinowitz P. Methods of numerical integration
Second Edition. — New York: Elsevier Inc, Academic Press, 1984. — 618 p.
This book presents what we think are the major methods of numerical integration. We have tried to produce a balanced work that is both useful to the programmer and stimulating to the theoretician. There are portions of the book where deep results of analysis are derived or are alluded to; yet, it has been our hope that most of the final results have been expressed in a way that is accessible to those with a background only in calculus.
Front Matter
Preface to First Edition
Preface to Second Edition
Approximate Integration over a Finite Interval
Approximate Integration over Infinite Intervals
Error Analysis
Approximate Integration in Two or More Dimensions
Automatic Integration
On the Practical Evaluation of Integrals
FORTRAN Programs
Bibliography of ALGOL, FORTRAN, and PL/I Procedures
Bibliography of Tables
Bibliography of Books and Articles
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