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Matson R.G., Coupland Gary. The Prehistory of the Northwest Coast

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Matson R.G., Coupland Gary. The Prehistory of the Northwest Coast
Left Coast Press, 1994. — 382 p.
This volume provides a descriptive overview of the cultural complexity on the northwest coast that stretches from northern California to Alaska. Topics covered range from the earliest settlements to the subsequent cultural diversities in Native American populations. Maps, charts, and illustrations further enhance the book's interest and appeal.
R.G. Matson is a Professor of Archaeology Emeritus, U.B.C., who has been investigating Northwest Coast archaeology since 1972. His interests include the U.S. Northwest and interior B.C. archaeology.
Gary Coupland is a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Toronto. He has been conducting archaeological research on the Northwest Coast of North America for almost two decades. His main theoretical area of interest is complex hunter-gatherers, for which the Northwest Coast is famous. He is particularly interested in the development of ranked societies in the region and the insights that may be gained into this development from the study of households and communities.
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