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French P.A., Taylor E.F. An Introduction to Quantum Physics

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French P.A., Taylor E.F. An Introduction to Quantum Physics
Boca Raton, USA: 2017 (First published 1979). — 692 p. — (The MIT Introductory Physics Series). — ISBN-10 113846466X, 0748740783.
Provides comprehensive coverage of all the fundamentals of quantum physics. Full mathematical treatments are given. Uses examples from different areas of physics to demonstrate how theories work in practice. Text derived from lectures delivered at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Simple models of the atom
The wave properties of particles
Wave-particle duality and bound states
Solutions of Schrödinger’s equation in one dimension
Further applications of Schrödinger’s equation
Photons and quantum states
Quantum amplitudes and state vectors
The time dependence of quantum states
Particle scattering and barrier penetration
Angular momentum
Angular momentum of atomic systems
Quantum states of three-dimensional systems
Identical particles and atomic structure
Radiation by atoms
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