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Palaganas Janice C., Maxworthy Juli C. et al. (eds.) Defining Excellence in Simulation Programs

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Palaganas Janice C., Maxworthy Juli C. et al. (eds.) Defining Excellence in Simulation Programs
Wolters Kluwer, 2015. — 1352 p.
Defining Excellence in Simulation Programs is an official publication of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), created to support the Society’s mission to encourage excellence in healthcare education, practice and research through the use of simulation.With nearly 140 expert clinicians and educators contributing, this authoritative guide offers clear-cut definitions, recommendations and best practices for all types of simulation training programs. This is a must-read for healthcare managers, educators and researchers looking to create or manage successful, cost-effective, researched-based simulation programs.A wide range of topics -- essential to the development and management of successful and cost-effective simulation programs – include: Simulation Standards – best practices and program development; Types of Simulation Programs – infrastructure, framework; Simulators – types, selection and usage; Funding – fundraising, income sources; Management – asset management, policies and procedures; Environmental Design – building a simulation center; technical infrastructure; and Educational Development; Faculty Development; Research, and more, including:
Simulation Standards
Types of Simulation Programs
Environmental Design
Educational Development
Faculty Development
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