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Ehrlich R., Geller H.A. Renewable Energy: A First Course

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Ehrlich R., Geller H.A. Renewable Energy: A First Course
2nd Edition. — Boca Raton, USA: CRC Press, 2018. — 515 p. — ISBN-13 978-1-4987-3695-4.
This revised edition is fully updated and continues to provide the best in-depth introduction to renewable energy science. It focuses mainly on renewable energy, but also addresses nonrenewable energy (fossil fuels and nuclear technology). The coverage extends from the basic physics to conservation, economic, and public policy issues, with strong emphasis on explaining how things work in practice. The authors avoid technical jargon and advanced math, but address fundamental analytical skills with wide application, including:
Two brand new chapters giving an introduction to population dynamics and statistical analysis for energy studies
Additional self-study problems and answers
More worked examples
Up-to-date coverage of areas such as hydraulic fracturing, integration of renewable energy to power grid, and cost.
Brief Contents:
Fossil Fuels
Nuclear Power: Basic Science
Nuclear Power: Technology
Geothermal Energy
Wind Power.
Solar Radiation and Earth’s Climate
Solar Thermal
Energy Conservation and Efficiency
Energy Storage and Transmission
Climate and Energy: Policy, Politics, and Public Opinion
Data Analytics and Risk Assessment: An Overview
Dynamics of Population: An Overview
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