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Braithwaite J. et al. (eds.) Healthcare Systems: Future Predictions for Global Care

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Braithwaite J. et al. (eds.) Healthcare Systems: Future Predictions for Global Care
Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2018. — 601 p.
This book brings together professionals who have dedicated their careers to the health system. It presents a canvas to paint their prediction of the future of healthcare. This third book complements the previous two books, Healthcare Reform, Quality, and Safety: Perspectives, Participants, Partnerships, and Prospects in 30 Countries, and Health Systems Improvement Across the Globe: Success Stories from 60 Countries, by covering from around the globe, what the future might hold for healthcare systems. Rather than focusing on western nations, like other healthcare literature, this book provides a snapshot, along with 57 case studies, of future predictions of health systems globally.
About the Editors
About the Contributors
The Americas
Argentina: Achieving Universal Coverage
Brazil: Patient Safety: Distance-Learning Contribution
Canada: The Future of Health Systems: Personalization
Guyana: Paradigm Shift: From Institutional Care to
Mexico: Leveraging Conditional Cash Transfers and Universal
Trinidad and Tobago: Nurse Training: A Competency-Based
The United States of America: The U.S. Healthcare System:
Namibia: Lessons from Patient Involvement in HIV Care:
Nigeria: Doing More with Less: Lean Thinking in the Health
South Africa: Regulated Standards: Implementation and
Rwanda: Embracing One Health as a Strategy to Emerging
Africa: Equity for All: A Global Health Perspective for the
Austria: Primary Healthcare Centers: A Silver Bullet?.
Denmark: Patient-Reported Outcomes: Putting the Patient First
England: Getting Personal? Personal Health Budgets
Estonia: e-Consultation Services: Cooperation between Family
Finland: A Real-Life Experiment in Precision Medicine
France: Horizon 2030: Adopting a Global-Local Approach to
Germany: Health Services Research and Future Planning in
Greenland: Everyday Life with Chronic Illness: Developing a
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