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Dechaumphai P. Calculus and Differential Equations with MATLAB

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Dechaumphai P. Calculus and Differential Equations with MATLAB
Oxford, UK: Alpha Science International LTD, 2016. — 455 p. — ISBN 1783322659.
Calculus and Differential Equtions with MATLAB presents a clear, easy-to-understand on how to use MATLAB to solve calculus and differential equation problems. The book contains eleven chapters with essential materials that are taught in calculus and differential equation courses. These include: * Limits, differentiation and integration * Taylor, maclaurin and other infinite series * Ordinary differential equations * Laplace and Fourier transforms * Partial differential equations * Numerical and finite element methods * Special functions (error, gamma, beta, Bessel, Airy, Legendre, etc.) Exact solutions are derived before showing MATLAB commands to provide the same solutions. Numerical methods are used to obtain approximate solutions when exact solutions are not available. The book contains a large number of examples and homework problems to demonstrate the capability of symbolic mathematics in MATLAB for solving calculus and differential equation problems.
Symbolic Mathematics by MATLAB
Differential Equations
First-Order Differential Equations
Second-Order Linear Differential Equations
Higher-Order Linear Differential Equations
Laplace Transforms
Fourier Transforms
Boundary Value Problems
Partial Differential Equations
Special Functions
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