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Duc Bui Minh. Real-Time Object Uniform Design Methodology with UML

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Duc Bui Minh. Real-Time Object Uniform Design Methodology with UML
Springer Netherlands, 2010. — 480 p.
Book Description Real-Time Object Uniform Design Methodology with UML is a theoretical and practicalbookwrittenforbusy people who want to untanglethe complex world of system development, nd essential materials without digging in UML st- dard documentation, grasp subtle concepts of object orientation, practice the new Model Driven Architecture (MDA), experience the reuse mechanism, and transform the bare metal programming of real-time and embedded products into more handsome platform-independent and platform-speci c components. With this rapid methodology of development, practitioners can spare time, avoid tons of written documentation by relieving this tedious task to smart CASE (computer-aided software engineering) tools, and have a quick and s- thetic view of any system through a well-built set of pictures and blueprints. The methodology presented in this book is a neutral methodology based on a thorough study of fundamental modeling concepts and then a temporary mapping of these concepts on current available standards and tools. We say “temporary” because research is in fact a never-ending activity. Good st- dards are evolving standards and the truth is always questionable. We are not pretending to add a new methodology to the numerous existent or in-house methodologies. We hope that the reader is able to catch the thoughts presented in this book to have a more critical view on any future methodology (a kind of meta “methodology”). So, feel free to prune o? parts that you do not feel comfortable with.
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