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Wikibooks. French Language Course

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Wikibooks. French Language Course
2nd Ed. — Wikibooks contributors. — 2006. — 222 p.
Lessons: Introductory (Introduction, The Alphabet, Accents, Greetings, Formal Speech, Howare you? Dates, Telling Time, Review), One Lessons (Basic Grammar, Description, Family, Animals, The House, Weather, Recreation, Travel, Art, Science), Two Lessons (School, Culture, Shopping, Going out, Transportation, Everyday Life, Rural Life, Food and Drink, Dining, Communication), Three Lessons (Vacations, Work, Health, Money, Youth, Adolescence, AncientHistory, Revolution! Modern France, Current Events).
Grammar: Adjectives, Adverbs, Gender, Negation, Prepositions, Pronouns, Sentences, Tenses, Verbs.
Appendices: Dates, Time, and Numbers, French authors, Hintsand Common Errors, French History, Nationsof theWorld, Phrasebook, Slang, Typing Characters, Web Resources.
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