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Pathak N. et al. IoT, AI, and Blockchain for .NET: Building a Next-Generation Application from the Ground Up

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Apress, 2018 . - 321p. - ISBN : 1484237080
Learn Azure Cosmos DB and its MongoDB API with hands-on samples and advanced features such as the multi-homing API, geo-replication, custom indexing, TTL, request units (RU), consistency levels, partitioning, and much more. Each chapter explains Azure Cosmos DB’s features and functionalities by comparing it to MongoDB with coding samples.
Cosmos DB for MongoDB Developers starts with an overview of NoSQL and Azure Cosmos DB and moves on to demonstrate the difference between geo-replication of Azure Cosmos DB compared to MongoDB. Along the way you’ll cover subjects including indexing, partitioning, consistency, and sizing, all of which will help you understand the concepts of read units and how this calculation is derived from an existing MongoDB’s usage.
The next part of the book shows you the process and strategies for migrating to Azure Cosmos DB. You will learn the day-to-day scenarios of using Azure Cosmos DB, its sizing strategies, and optimizing techniques for the MongoDB API. This information will help you when planning to migrate from MongoDB or if you would like to compare MongoDB to the Azure Cosmos DB MongoDB API before considering the switch.
What You Will Learn
Migrate to MongoDB and understand its strategies
Develop a sample application using MongoDB’s client driver
Make use of sizing best practices and performance optimization scenarios
Optimize MongoDB’s partition mechanism and indexing
Who This Book Is For
MongoDB developers who wish to learn Azure Cosmos DB. It specifically caters to a technical audience, working on MongoDB.
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