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Felsager B. Geometry, Particles, and Fields

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Felsager B. Geometry, Particles, and Fields
Sрringer, 1983. - 664p. Постраничный скан, распознан
Geometry, Particles and Fields is a direct reprint of the first edition. From a review of the first edition: "The present volume is a welcome edition to the growing number of books that develop geometrical language and use it to describe new developments in particle physics.It provides clear treatment that is accessible to graduate students with a knowledge of advanced calculus and of classical physics. The second half of the book deals with the principles of differential geometry and its applications, with a mathematical machinery of very wide range. Here clear line drawings and illustrations supplement the multitude of mathematical definitions. Felsager gives a very clear presentation of the use of geometric methods in particle physics. For those who have resisted learning this new language, his book provides a very good introduction as well as physical motivation. The inclusion of numerous exercises, worked out, renders the book useful for independent study also."
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