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Bentley Michael. Modern Historiography: An Introduction

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Bentley Michael. Modern Historiography: An Introduction
London: Routledge, 1999. — 200 p. — ISBN-10: 0415202671; ISBN-13: 978-0415202671
Modern Historiography is the essential introduction to the history of historical writing. It explains the broad philosophical background to the different historians and historical schools of the modern era, from James Boswell and Thomas Carlyle through to Lucien Febure and Eric Hobsbawm and surveys: the Enlightenment and Counter Enlightenment; Romanticism; the voice of Science and the process of secularization within Western intellectual thought; the influence of, and broadening contact with, the New World; the Annales school in France; Postmodernism. Modern Historiography provides a clear and concise account of this modern period of historical writing.
The Enlightenment
The Counter-Enlightenment
The Voice of Science
Culture and Kultur
The English 'Whigs'
Towards an Historical 'Profession'
Crisis over Method
From the New World
Annates: The French School
Repression and Exile
Post-War Moods
The History of the Present
Further Reading in English
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